Electric vehicle manufacturers approve EVoReel® EV charge cable management system for automotive dealer equipment programs

  • EVoReel system available now through the Nissan TECH-MATE program
  • EVoReel keeps EV charging cables off the ground, prolonging life and preventing damage and trip hazards
  • EVoReel by EVoCharge is recommended by leading EV charging station supplier Bosch 

Better electric vehicle cable management is now available to Nissan dealers. Recognizing the need to prevent damage to charging cables and eliminate the trip hazard, both automotive manufacturers approved the EVoReel system for their respective dealer equipment programs. Cable management is a top request from dealers selling electric vehicles as they look for ways to increase efficiency and organization. All EVoCharge products meet or exceed all NEC and SAE standards for electric vehicle charging.

EVoReel can be installed in the rafters of a service bay, mirroring the convenience of overhead oil and shop air. The solution allows nearly 60 feet of EV charging cable to be neatly stored and organized. When installed outside a dealership, EVoReel prevents charging cables from acting as a trip hazard or collect dirt while lying on the ground. Dealers and property owners can install an EVoReel on existing charging stations or select an integrated, EVoReel + charging station combination.

“With dealers required to have 2 charging stations – one in the garage and one outside – electric vehicle charge cable management is a big concern. Cables stored improperly can be damaged and be a trip hazard,” said Josh Kiewic, EVoCharge Co-Founder and CEO. “

EVoReel products support multiple installation options including pedestal, wall and overhead mounting. The options help increase safety and convenience of EV charging and service, removing cables from the floor to prevent damage and trip hazards. Technicians and EV drivers using EVoReel can extend the charging cable to a desired length and it automatically locks in place without tension on the cable. After use, a quick tug on the cable allows the cable to reel back easily for safe, damage-free storage.

The EVoReel will be shown in at NADA, held March 31 – April 3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. In the Bosch booth, the EVoReel system will be integrated with a Bosch charging station, creating an industry-first 30-Amp Level 2 charging station with a 50-foot cable.

EVoReel products are made in the USA in collaboration with EVoCharge’s manufacturing partners. 

About Bosch

In North America, the Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Business Unit of the Automotive Aftermarket business division (AA) supplies aftermarket and repair shops with a range of vehicle repair solutions. This includes testing and repair-shop technology, shop equipment, specialty tools, diagnostic software, electric vehicle charging stations, dealership service programs and service training and information under the Bosch, OTC and Robinair brands.