How to Install Your Charging Station

 This week’s topic is charging station installation. We are going to explore some of the how to  elements required as you are looking to install your charging station at your home .Below we’ve outlined a few steps that will walk you through installing your Bosch charging station. 

Step 1: Call electrician. Once your Bosch charging station has arrived, the first thing to do is contact your electrician. Explain to them the needs of the unit you purchased. For example, if your unit will be hardwired then it will simply need a 3 wire connection run to the station’s location.  However, if you were to purchase a plug- in type charging station your electrician would simply need to install a 240V outlet next to your desired charging location. If you need help finding an electrician, be sure to check our searchable map of experienced electricians.

Step 2: Schedule estimate. When the electrician arrives they will begin by inspecting your service panel. They will do this to see if your panel can handle the additional load of your charging station as well as to see if the panel has enough space for a new 240v circuit breaker. If there is not enough capacity a sub panel may need to be installed. 

Your electrician will then explain routing of line from the panel to the charger, the permit process if necessary, suggest optimal location for your charging station, and likely perform an onsite estimate.

Step 3: Schedule installation. Once the electrician has an idea of the needs of your installation, they will schedule an appointment with you or begin work that same day. 

Step 4: Start charging. Once the installation is complete, you are all set to begin charging your EV from the convenience of your home with a faster, 240V charge.  

You can be charging your new EV at home, often in less than a day. For more insight on all things EV check back for more blogs or like us on Facebook. One of our next posts will talk about starting a discussion to have charging stations installed at your workplace.