Tax Credits, Rebates & Incentives

Utility and government rebates, tax credits, grants, and incentives can make installing a 240V EV charging station even more affordable. Bosch is here to help you determine if you’re eligible for any available incentives.

Kia Soul EV (Canada only)

Some Canadian Kia Soul EV owners and lessees are eligible for a discount up to $625 toward the purchase of a Level 2 charging station purchased from Bosch, courtesy of Kia*. When you are ready to purchase a Level 2 charging station, call Bosch at +1 844-317-9525. Thinking of buying a Kia Soul EV? Learn more here. 

Canadian Kia Soul EV drivers - call +1 844-317-9525 to take advantage of the $625 discount. Must place order via phone. The discount cannot be applied to online orders. Discount only for eligible Canadian Kia Soul EV buyers. *Applicable to new Kia Soul EV only Terms and Conditions - Program valid for a year after date of purchase of KIA EV - Copy of Purchase Agreement required when placing order - Kia Soul EV owners and lessees can take advantage of incentive only once per vehicle