Kia Soul EV (Canada only)

Some Canadian Kia Soul EV owners and lessees are eligible for a discount up to $625 toward the purchase of a Level 2 charging station purchased from Bosch, courtesy of Kia*. When you are ready to purchase a Level 2 charging station, call Bosch at +1 844-317-9525. Thinking of buying a Kia Soul EV? Learn more here. 

Call To Action Text: 
Canadian Kia Soul EV drivers - call +1 844-317-9525 to take advantage of the $625 discount. Must place order via phone. The discount cannot be applied to online orders. Discount only for eligible Canadian Kia Soul EV buyers. *Applicable to new Kia Soul EV only Terms and Conditions - Program valid for a year after date of purchase of KIA EV - Copy of Purchase Agreement required when placing order - Kia Soul EV owners and lessees can take advantage of incentive only once per vehicle