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The General Motors EV1

The History of EVs: A Charge Into the New Millennium

For many years, electric vehicles served as an answer to a crisis. Electric autos were popular in times of oil shortage, but as the hysteria faded, so did the interest in electric alternatives to gasoline. Unfortunately, the 1990’s wouldn’t usher in large scale adoption of electric automobiles, but it would give momentum to the cause brightening the future of EVS.

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The NASA Lunar Rover

The History of EVs: A Future Paved From Past Ideas

It was the beginning of the 20th century and the second wave of the Industrial Revolution was taking place in the United States. Changes in traditional thinking lead to disruptive innovations altering the course of history. Advancements in vehicle manufacturing would fuel the disruption caused by the automobile while forever changing the world’s concept of mobility.

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The History of EVs:Early Growth and Adoption

The early 1900’s began a growth period for electric vehicles. Electric cars were in their heyday, accounting for about one-third of all vehicles on the road and yielding strong sales well into the new century. EVs held the land speed record and were becoming more esteemed and accepted in society

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The History of EVs:The Dawn of Disruption

Electric vehicles have a deeply rooted history beginning in the humblest of 19th-century workshops and continuing on into the modern technology driven era. Important events provided insight into electric vehicles and their contributions towards putting the world on wheels.

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EVs Defined: The Different Types and Their Advantages

You’ve begun the process of searching for your future EV, but you’ve come across confusing terms. HEV, PHEV, and BEV - which one best suits your needs? We’ll walk you through the different types of electric vehicles and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

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